Program DOKUDOC 2019

DOKUDOC 2019 festival is spanning through 5 days in the first week of September . From tuesday prefestival event in Gustaf Pekarna Hall, to sundays closing projection in Sodni stolp, Maribor will be in sign of documentary films.

All projections have free entry, welcome to our company!

Places of projections

Judgement Tower (Sodni Stolp) – main venue of DOKUDOC

Pristan 8, Lent – Maribor

Judgement Tower lies in the heart of Maribor and was built in 1310. Its purpose was to protect the southwestern part of the city against unwanted intruders and had a function of a defensive tower that connected directly to the city walls. Its appearance was first changed in 1540, when it was built up in the fortress-like style and covered with a conical roof, which burnt down in the 17th century. The defensive tower had been added in all those years, which is obvious in its appearance today. First and second stories were built in the Renaissance style and were later raised for another two in order to gain some height. The last time it was changed was right after the Second World War, when it got the look it still has today. In 1937 it partially burnt and was rebuild in the 1950s. Judgement Tower got its name after the judgements being passed there and at the same time it’s been connected to the times of witchcraft and their ceremonies, as the judgements against the women accused of witchcraft were being held here. However, no death punishments were executed inside the tower. Judgement Tower is situated on the bank of the river Drava, next to Maribor Market.

All projections between 5 and 10 September 2017 are held in the Judgement Tower (Sodni stolp).

AGD GUSTAF – Prefestival day

Ob železnici 16, Maribor

Gustaf Hall is a social and production/performance space dedicated to supporting nonprofit (sub)culture practices, that are in their definition standing against the mainstream consumerism and commercial patterns. It’s realizing the idea of a public social space, not intended only for consuming, but also for reflection and self-production. More about Gustav:

Prefestival day will takes place at AGD Gustaf on Monday, 4 September 2017