DOKU workshop 2019

Documentary film workshop for creators with Dimitri Anakiev

Documentary film workshop welcomes participants which are interested in becoming a documentary film creators. This work-in-progress nature of the workshop offers 6 hours long theoretical part in which you will get to know documentary film, how to write a script and an introduction to film editing, while 24 hours long practical part of the workshop is dedicated to creating short documentary film. The best of them will be screened at the 8th International Documentary Film Festival DOKUDOC 2019 in Maribor, Slovenia.


Theoretical part (6 h)

  1. Lecture on film and documentary film, differences between film, video and television – 30 min
  2. How to write a script – 120 min
  3. How to choose actors – 30 min
  4. How to use camera and film language – 120 min
  5. Introduction to film editing – 60 min


Practical part (24 h)

  1. Organization of filming – 4 h
  2. Filming – 8 h
  3. Editing – 12 h


The workshop will be mentored by Dimitar Anakiev, one of the founders of Slovenian directors Association and creator of 17 documentary films. Awarded with Vesna for the best documentary film in 2006.

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How to write a film review workshop with Arman Fatić

1. day: introduction to film and documentary review
2. day: how to make a story/interview
3. day: going over texts from previous days
4. day: finishing texts and personal advices
The workshop will be mentored by Arman Fatić, a freelancer journalist and film critic working with newspapers and festivals throughout Southeastern Europe. He is interested in modern experimental filming technique and in social role of film in our modern time. 
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