DOKU talk 2019


DOKU talk: Parenting and film


Film making under the conditions of parenting or parenting under the conditions of film making

This year’s DOKU talk will be focusing on parenting and film making. We will also touch on social, financial, creative and time conditions which go along for someone being a parent and a self-employed audiovisual content creator regarding some laws and general fears in this sector.

Host of DOKU talk is Sabina Đogić

Sabina Đogić, photography director, film director, producer


She studied philosophy and sociology of culture in Ljubljana, film camera in Buenos Aires and creative documentary film in Barcelona. She made and worked with several short and long films as well as promotional videos. In 2013, she made her first long documentary film dealing with Slovenian film and named Kaj ti je film. She is also a member of Documentary creative collective, Association of Slovenian directors and AIPA. 2016 she established her own production atelier Ataba Films.